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R.M., San Francisco

“You have amazing energy and your anatomical/nervous system knowledge is amazing!

J.L., Emeryville

"I've been working with Emily since early this year to help me get rid of low back and pelvis pain that I had dealt with since having my daughter. Every time I’ve seen her she takes her time to help you with your concerns and is super knowledgeable about the female body. I am beyond grateful for all she’s done to help me get back to being pain free and resuming running this year." 

K.W., Lafayette

"Emily was a life saver when I started having severe hip pain in October of last year. I had gone to my general practitioner, had X-rays taken, and even stopped all exercise and running for 4 months, only to have the pain return.  I had been an avid runner for years and was told by my doctor that I should just give it up.  

I went in the see Emily and was a bit nervous.  My pain was one of those things where no movement in a doctors office would re-create the pain I was having. 

In my first visit Emily was able to locate my pain and had me feeling significantly better when I left. She listened to me and walked me though what she thought the problem was.  She went through stretches to ease the pain and exercises to strengthen areas that were weak or over compensating. 

I was back to running within a few weeks, with no pain." 

C.S., Alameda

"Simply put, Dr. Noonan works magic. I've seen her for minor lower back complaints during pregnancy, as well as lower abdomen and other core complaints postpartum. She fully addressed all concerns each appointment, and advised me to take extra preventative and strengthening measures with carefully modeled exercises for long-term well being. She takes great pains to hear me out to understand my lifestyle in order to better understand what may be going on with my body. I've never felt more fully cared for by a health professional!"

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